Dr. Papoutsakis consults and offers expert-opinion, expert-witness and intellectual-property services in the areas of his expertise, which include:

  1. Metabolic engineering for the production of biofuels and chemicals through biological processes, with emphasis on complex pathways and phenotypes, such as the utilization ofcomplex cellulosic substrates. It includes expertise in Differentiation Engineering, whereby the differentiation (such as, e.g., sporulation) are manipulated for practical benefits.
  2. Genomic tools, including DNA-microarray and computational biological analyses, for discovery, process identification or validation in both microbial and mammalian/human systems, including the production of protein therapeutics, stem-cell bioengineering, and the discovery of small-molecule targets.
  3. Genetics and genomics of non-pathogenic clostridia fermentations and biology.
  4. Stem-cell bioengineering for the development of novel therapeutic products and cell therapies such as the production of human blood cells for transfusion therapies.
  5. Hematopoietic-stem-cell differentiation and its applications.

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