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Distribution of non-patented plasmids and strains:

Non-patented strains and plasmids (in E. coli) are and related biological material are available to Universities and not-for-profit institutions at the following fees and after the execution of an MTA agreement and implementing letter. Strains and plasmids can ONLY be used in the specific laboratory requesting the material and signing the MTA, and ONLY for non-commercial purposes. Strains are shipped after checking viability, but we cannot guarantee that they will arrive in a good biological state or that they will be handled appropriately upon arrival.

Strains and plasmids (in E. coli) are available at the following fees:

  • Preparation (USA, not-for-profit): $200/strain or plasmid.
  • Administrative, Shipping & Handling Charge (U.S): $55/strain or plasmid.

Overseas requests from Universities and not-for-profit institutions will be handled similarly, with the goal of ascertaining suitable use of the material for non-commercial purposes. An MTA must be executed by the host institution and fees paid prior to shipping any material.

  • Preparation (non-USA, not-for-profit): $200/strain or plasmid .
  • Administrative, Shipping & Handling Charge (International): $120/strain or plasmid.

Some examples of commonly requested plasmids are below:

  • pKO_mazF: Th/CmR; repL; ori; bgaR and PbgaL upstream of mazF
  • pAN1, 2 or 3: CmR, AmpR, KanR respectively, Φ3T I gene, ori
  • p94MCS: AmpR; MLSr; ptb promoter; MCS
  • p94FLP_asRepL: EmR; flippase; ptb promoter bgaR and PbgaL upstream of asRNA to the repL origin

Requests from private companies, for-profit entities, or for commercial purposes will be handled on a case-to-case basis and higher fees apply.

Ordering Procedure:

Checks/money orders should be drawn on a U.S.-based account (any bank that has a physical branch located in the U.S.), and payment should be made in US dollars, click here to get a detailed payment procedure. Please contact Terry Papoutsakis ( to make purchases.

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