The Group

The Papoutsakis Group focuses on the study and modification of regulatory networks that control key cellular programs such as stem-cell differentiation and plasticity or prokaryotic sporulation and stationary-phase phenomena. This research contributes to the understanding of cellular processes of both fundamental and industrial interests—such as stem-cell bioengineering or the link between sporulation, solvent production and stress response in solventogenic clostridia for biofuel production and biorefinery applications—and involves interdisciplinary work in the areas of systems biology, metabolic engineering, experimental and computational genomics, stem-cell biology, and hematology.

By combining state-of-the-art sequencing and genomic analysis techniques with molecular biological tools and cellular physiology, the Papoutsakis Group aims to unravel the exquisitely crafted interplay of cellular processes that allow the exploration of cells for beneficial applications from Regenerative Medicine to Industrial Biotechnology.

Principal Investigator

Terry Papoutsakis

Post Doctoral Researchers

Dr. Hyeongmin Seo

Dr. Bapi Mandal

Graduate Students

Jonathan Otten

Jayanth Venkatarama Reddy

Noah Willis

John Hill

Katie Raudenbush

Nikola Malinov

Peter Cruciata

Sofia Capece

Shivam Barodiya

Derek Wu

Hong Nguyen

Eileen Feng


Andrew Dalton

Aravind Arunachalam

Joseph Dougherty

Paige Bastek

Last updated March 15, 2024